Interesting websites' designs Interesting websites' designs JACKSGAP.COM This website belongs to Jack and Finn Harries. They are youtuber's who have expanded and made their own website. is dedicated to featuring interesting things like 'Katy Perry sings flawless duet with talented autistic girl'. This website is a great example for posting interesting things. Not a lot of writing is involved but there is some really cool stuff on there. 187353071 LAURENCONRAD.COM This website belongs to Lauren Conrad who is a very famous beauty and fashion guru. Her website is dedicated to interesting fashion tips, DIY, decorations and other beauty interests. This website is a great example for a website with a goal to post pretty pictures and is more of a visual website. 187353072 BBC.COM This is a news website. It features events happening in the world. For example, the death of Nelson Mandela. This website example is more serious and is more of an article based website. 187353073 PEOPLE.COM This is a celebrity magazine website and it talks about celebrities and red carpets event. This website also has quite a bit of writing but it less serious and more for people interested in celebrities. 187353074 KHANACADEMY.COM This is a free world-wide education site. It focuses on different lessons in math and other subjects. There are a lot of videos uploaded on this website. 187353075 BIGTHINK.COM ' Big Think is an evolving roadmap to the best thinking on the planet ? the ideas that can help you think flexibly and act decisively in a multivariate world.' This website is featuring so much information that is interesting and cool and makes you think. 187353076 POLYVORE.COM This is another fashion website. It shows all different clothes, shoes, accessories and where to buy them and for how much money. You can also create your own outfits on this website using the clothes available. This website has mostly pictures. 187353077 EVERYWHEREIST.COM This is a travel blog. The woman who owns it posts pictures and writes blog entries about her travels and experiences. It's interesting and personal, a nice inspiration for a blog website. 187353078