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What I've Learned

Posted by Kara Joany on January 12, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

What I have learned after years of researching for projects and essays is that when you're finding information on the internet you want to find it easily and fast. Therefore, pages and pages of writing that is, yes, important but time consuming got me right back to my search results to find a website that will have the information I need structured wisely. 

By wisely I mean writing as little as possible with as much information as possible, including pictures and actually getting somewhere. With my procrastinatory nature I always find myself finishing an essay the day before it's due and so finding information fast is absolutely crucial. I also know that paragraph after paragraph of meaningless information just got me pulling out my hair and crashing my head on the table in desperation. So I advise you, if you want a website that will give a lot of information try and structure it so that people actually want to waste their time reading it because I'm telling you now, if you write too much at once people will need just one glance at your website before they smash their fist into the computer. 

Good Luck,