Website Creation 101

Where all you

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  1. GO TO WWW.WEBS.COM  (A website domain where you can create your website with a template you choose)

2. MAKE AN ACCOUNT. When you make your account you have to decide what type of website you will be: 

Choosing the type of website yours will be is important because you want to start an account with a clear idea of why you're making the website. 

3. The next step is a more detailed section of the basis of your website. You give in your 'Site Title', 'Site Category' (e.g. family, sport) and your site theme. All of these can be changed later on in the create section so these steps are only a way to get you started.

When creating the basis on your website during the first steps of creating your website you have to already know:

A. what the website will be about 

B. what it will be called 

C. have an image of what it will look like.

4. REMEMBER, when creating my I chose the theme of a chalkboard because it went well with the theme of learning and understanding so you also want to choose a theme that have some relevance to the topic of your website. 

5. CHOOSE YOUR SITES PAGES. The pages you choose for your site are also important. For example, if you want your website to be interactive you can add a forum where your viewers can converse or a blog to which you viewers can reply. 

6. CREATE YOUR URL. This next step is very important because it's what people will remember your website by. 

You can either use a free subdomain which will have your websites URL include a '' at the end or you can register for your own domain name. For your own domain name a monthly payment is required and so I don't advise it for your website unless it's being created for a more serious matter. 

7. CONGRATS! At this point you enter the website builder. Here you can start creating you website by playing around with the options. You can start by writing an introduction on your title page or maybe even create a little video like I did. 

8. You have the option to look at the tour of how to used the SiteBuilder. This is a very helpful tool in the first steps of creating your website but without the tour, is still quite easy to operate once you get into it. 

9. TO CONCLUDE. For my website I chose the pages below because they allow me to share all my information neatly. I created this Step By Step page to help you familiarize with so you can see if you'd like to choose it as well for the creation of your website. I'm content with it's simplicity but there are plenty of other website builders out there, both free and with payment.